THAOS for Physicians

Welcome to the Physician Portal of The Physician Portal is intended to help you learn more about TTR amyloidosis, as well as providing information on the support available for you and your subjects.

Why should you get involved in THAOS?

Little is known about the clinical course and presentation of TTR amyloidosis due to the rarity of the condition.1 By enrolling your subjects in THAOS you will be directly contributing to an information resource that will be disseminated to the scientific community worldwide. Participation will help in defining the natural history of disease and understanding of genotype/phenotype relations. THAOS will provide regular updates on the data that has been collected and it is hoped this will raise awareness of this rare condition and thereby improve patient care.

  1. Ando Y et al. Guideline of transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis from clinicians. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 2013;8:31.

How will enrollment in THAOS affect you?

Being a THAOS investigator with subjects enrolled in the registry will not change the way you treat or follow-up your subjects with TTR amyloidosis. You will be required to enter specific data into the registry, however, this can be incorporated into your clinical practice without having a significant impact on your time.

How to get involved in THAOS

If you would like more information about THAOS and/or how to get involved, please go to this link at